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To admire any kind of landscape design for many years, it is necessary not only to choose the right soil, plant plants and arrange a lawn, but also to carefully monitor the irrigation system. Landscape irrigation systems are divided into three types:

- Automatic watering is a kind of "smart rain" that works according to a programmed schedule. Like any equipment, automatic watering requires a serious attitude and high-quality design. It is this type of irrigation that is used for lawns, gardens, greenhouses and other landscape areas. 

- Manual watering, which is controlled by the person himself.

- Combined watering.

Part of the system is automated, part is controlled by a person. 

As you know, plants die without water and proper care. To avoid this trouble, HEDERA GARDEN offers everything you need to water your garden.

We have sprinkler systems, drip and micro drip irrigation, misting systems, irrigation systems, hoses, sprayers and much more at our disposal. We know exactly how to protect your garden from drought.

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