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We will certainly be right if we say that live plants will decorate any staircase and add a zest to the design. Is it a joke? A piece of wildlife in stone, marble or concrete. It looks not only stylish, but also eco–friendly.

And a step-by-step path is the best solution for those who want to get as close as possible to natural landscapes in garden design. They look amazing on the lawn.

When creating a path, various types of plants are selected and assembled, the specifics of the soil and terrain, the desired type and configuration of the path are taken into account.

As a result, it turns out not just a "wild path", but a real harmonious landscape design. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of step-by-step paths, they are also damn convenient. Rainwater and snowmelt do not stagnate on such paths.

Most often, slabs of natural or artificial stone are used to create such paths, but of course you can choose another type of laying, it all depends on your preferences. We, at HEDERA GARDEN, can offer you various types of step-by-step paths and stairs, advise you and choose the best option for decorating your territory.

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