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Have you been dreaming of a beautiful green lawn right in front of your home, office or business for a long time? It's time to make your dreams come true!

HEDERA GARDEN offers you a full range of services, namely: 

- preparation of the soil for sowing or laying the finished lawn

- direct laying or sowing of the lawn

- lawn care: mowing, aeration, combing out the dead remains of lawn grass, fertilizing, treatment from diseases and pests.

In addition, as artists, we always strive for beauty and aesthetics, and therefore we make artificial changes to the relief, changing the geoplastics of the site, usually to create a three-dimensional landscape: terraces, hills, retaining walls, etc.

After such "procedures", the landscape becomes voluminous and undoubtedly pleases the eye. After all, we create a lawn not just to green the territory, we give it beauty, emphasize the taste of the owners, and also create limitless opportunities for further landscape decoration.

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