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Creating a garden is only half the job. The most important part is taking care of him. After all, if you do not carry out a number of necessary procedures in time, the herbs will wither, the lawn will thin out, the trees will grow and will interfere with their branches even to pass by, and the garden, in general, will get a tired look.

To prevent this from happening, HEDERA GARDEN offers a number of garden care services:

- professional formation of decorative exclusive plants 

- topiary cutting of even the rarest plants

- weeding and fertilizing lawns, flower beds, shrubs

- sanitary pruning of trees, shrubs, which helps to get rid of sick and dried branches and twigs

- cleaning of fallen leaves and needles

- chemical treatments against pests and diseases

- top dressing root and crown – to activate plant growth

All these procedures help to heal the plant and preserve it, which is most important for those who want to admire their garden for many years.

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